Business Wealth Blueprint

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The business support you’ve been looking for.

Comprehensive financial and tax services designed to help you reach your business goals faster.

  1. Strategic Business Planning – Create a solid financial roadmap for your business.  Lean planning is a protocol for gathering necessary business information to get the nuts and bolts of the business down on paper, those items that will define the business and help us build a financial forecast, or roadmap, which is our goal.
  2. Monthly CFO Advisory Meetings to Review Financial  Goals & Forecast – Dashboard to summarize Key Performance Indicators’s, Cash Flow Forecast, etc. Review progress toward business goals and financial forecast.
  3. Ongoing Proactive Tax Planning – Ongoing review of your income taxes so you know you’re paying the least possible tax & can invest your tax savings.
  4. Estimated Quarterly Income Tax Analysis – A mid-year review of your projected income tax liability to make sure you don’t have any bad year end surprises.
  5. Preparation & E-filing of Your Business Income Tax Returns – Your business federal and state income tax returns will be professionally prepared by an experienced CPA.
  6. IRS Correspondence Assistance – No need to fear when you receive correspondence from IRS, or State Tax Agencies.  If you receive a notice related to a return we prepared, send it to us. We will tell you what it means and exactly what needs to be done to address it.
  7. Unlimited Access to Professional Advice – Enjoy unlimited access to your personal financial advisor. We provide ongoing advice and knowledge to help you reach your goals for the future.
  8. Investment Management and Portfolio Services – We offer investment portfolio management through our separate sister company, a fee-only fiduciary registered investment advisory firm, Winterstone Wealth Management LLC.  Through Winterstone Wealth, we offer 401k plans, SEP-IRA’s, Pension Plans, Business Exit and Succession Planning.  These services are not included in the bundled service plan.

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