A Professional CPA Firm specializing in Outsourced Accounting & Tax Services specifically to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Agencies


We have over 15 years hands-on experience serving the accounting and tax needs of mental health and substance abuse services agencies.

Like you, we are committed to helping our clients succeed and improve their lives and their businesses.

How are we able to improve our clients bottom line and increase their business earning potential for creating wealth?

  1. Comprehensive Tax and Financial Planning services that assure you are not missing out on any opportunities to lower the taxes you pay and put more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket and not Uncle Sam’s.
  2. Cloud-based accounting services designed to provide your very own professional in-house accounting department. Your accounting records should provide you with current meaningful financial information that you can use to make more informed decisions about the direction of your business, so that you do not miss important red flags that can cost you money.
  3. Time.  We will give you back more of your time that you currently spend on administrative and accounting operations in your business.  Our outsourced accounting services are designed specifically to provide you a streamlined process that will take much less of your personal time that you could be devoting to more important areas of your business and life.

Are you ready to speak with a professional CPA devoted exclusively to working with the mental health and substance abuse services industry?

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